Vitrification of oocytes

In an ever-changing world, woman juggles a fulfilling professional career, personal commitments and the desire to start a family.

However, many factors can influence the right time to conceive a child. Fortunately, thanks to medical advances, oocyte vitrification has become a valuable solution for women wishing to preserve their fertility.  


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Vitrification of oocytes

Understanding oocyte vitrification:
Oocyte vitrification is a fast and effective freezing technique that preserves a woman’s oocytes for future fertility. Unlike older freezing methods, vitrification guarantees better viability and survival of oocytes after thawing, which considerably increases the chances of successful subsequent fertilization.

Empowerment and freedom of choice:
Oocyte vitrification offers women invaluable freedom of choice. It allows them to postpone motherhood until they feel ready, without having to worry about the natural age-related decline in their ovarian reserve. This means women can focus on their careers, achieve their personal goals and take the time to find the perfect partner, while preserving their fertility options for the future.

The power of planning:
Oocyte vitrification also enables women to plan their family life more serenely. It is particularly beneficial for women facing medical problems, such as the need to undergo chemotherapy or surgery that could affect their fertility. Thanks to this technique, they can preserve their oocytes before undergoing such treatments, and thus retain the hope of having biological children in the future.

An option for partnerless women:
Oocyte vitrification is also an option for women who have not yet found a life partner, but who want to start a family. By preserving their oocytes, they can ensure that their project of becoming a biological mother will not be compromised by external circumstances. They can also take the time to meet the right person, with the assurance that their fertility is protected.

In conclusion, oocyte vitrification represents a revolutionary advance for women, offering freedom of choice, family planning and insurance for the future. It enables her to live her life to the full, realizing her professional and personal aspirations, while preserving the possibility of having a biological family at a time that suits her best. Medical technology opens up new horizons for women, giving them control over their own fertility and enabling them to chart their own course towards motherhood.

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